Fall Day on Campus

This was another gorgeous fall day on campus. It wasn’t all that warm but when the colors are this beautiful how can you complain? We had a great time strolling through campus, taking in the beauty of fall and even playing in the leaves. This is a wonderful family! I love the photo of mom and dad, see how happy they look? It’s 100% genuine, makes me smile (a huge, ridiculously happy smile) when I look at their photo because they’re so darn cute. I’m always happy to spend a few hours with this group!

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Rib-bits for Smiles

This was a great family session but I really had to WORK HARD for smiles from the little man. He was not interested in sitting still for even 2 seconds and our session was scheduled at precisely his nap time. Perhaps not the best of conditions but we made it work. In order to get the little guy to 1. Stop  2.  Look at me &  3.  Smile  I had to jump up like a frog and say “Rib-bit” over and over and over. I found out just how out of shape my legs were when I woke the next morning with sore thighs. I’m thinking of incorporating 100 frog jumps into my daily workout routine! When we finally got a few smiles they were “in-motion” but super cute, so the public frog jumping was worth it. Both of his sisters are darling and coaxing a few genuine smiles out of these two was a bit easier.  Mom and dad kept their cool and knew when their kids had hit their limit (a beautiful trait in my eyes!) Let’s face it, after the kids hit the wall, you aren’t going to get anything good in the way of photos unless you’re after cranky expressions. Best to know when to quit and everyone stays happy. I walked back to the car with the family and little man was asleep before they pulled away.  Great day with a BEAUTIFUL  family, I had a hard time limiting the photos for the post!

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Costumes and Giggles

This family came to me via a gift certificate I donated to an auction benefiting my children’s school. It was really great to meet a family from our school and make some new connections. We met up a few days before Halloween so Mom started the kids off in their costumes. The girls looked absolutely beautiful but my favorite costume photo was the one featuring the ferocious roar from Sulley! The whole family changed into plaid shirts hoping to get a family photo for Christmas cards, I love the casual look! It was fun to work with the twins, their interactions were so sweet, that impromptu smooch on the cheek  made me smile ear to ear! Thanks for putting up with the chilly temps to get our session done,  I had a great time with all of you!

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This adorable couple and I met up 2 weeks ago for some last minute engagement photos. They are so in love with each other, when they looked at each other it was like they were in their own private world. I am so happy I got spend a few minutes with these two, great people who made me smile the whole time I was with them. Just look at the pictures and you’ll see how fun they are.  They got married this weekend and I am so happy for them as they begin this new part of their lives! Congrats!

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Happy 3rd Birthday!

We scheduled this session to capture some photos of Little Miss as she turned 3. I never know what to expect when I meet a 3 year old for the first time, I simply know that I’m going work my butt off trying to get some good photos! This little girl was a dream and not your typical 3 year old (if there is such a thing) she was so sweet! Mom is a professor at Notre Dame so we met on campus for the photos. It was a beautiful evening with a little wind, made for a few great “super model” shots with blowing hair! Dad’s grandfather was visiting from Florida so we were able to include him in some of the shots. Mom had emailed me that morning telling me that “Pop” would be joining us. She told me how much he adored Little Miss and that she LOVED him, it was obvious the entire time we were together. Little Miss held his hand, asked me to take his photo, sat on his lap and hugged him whenever she got the chance. You could see and feel the love he has for her, it was a beautiful relationship to witness.  I’m so happy we captured a few sweet moments between the two to hold them over until their next visit.  I had a great time with this family; they are the kind of people who allow you to be yourself and are easy to talk to, my favorite kind of people! Photography has blessed me in so many ways but the people that stand in front of my camera are definitely the reason I love it so much.  Photography is such an intimate medium, it allows people to open up, share stories, laugh, and even cry. I always feel different with a camera in my hand, like it’s a key that let’s me into people’s lives for a few minutes and let’s them let down their guard, something that I truly cherish and never want to abuse. Thanks for letting me in your family for a little bit.

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Notre Dame Evening

Loved this family! Gorgeous kids, adorable mom and dad, and they were tons of fun! Beautiful evening on the edge of campus. Little Miss kept me totally entertained, I’m still smiling as I look at her photo :) I LOVE the last family photo, casual and comfortable, just how you should be on a beautiful summer evening. Thanks for a fun night!

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We’re on the News!

I was so excited to be asked by Fox 28 News to part of a segment on taking better photos with Smartphones. These GORGEOUS girls were wonderful models for the segment. The youngest kept me laughing with her funny expressions and sassiness, which in turn kept my mind off of the camera in my face and microphone pinned to my shirt. Did I mention that I was nervous? When we finished the interview, Traci Capellman said, “I thought you were nervous?  You answered all the questions really well.”  What she meant was that I talked a TON, which I do when I’m nervous. I talk all the time as it is, add in some nerves and watch out, you aren’t going to get in a word. Thankfully Traci and Ian from Fox 28 did a great job with the segment, edited my talking to a minimum, and focused their camera on this great family. We didn’t have time for a full session but we got in some great photos.  These girls showed up looking so cute, I knew the pics would turn out great. After the segment aired I had so many people comment on the beautiful girls in the segment, mom included! Family pictures are hard, you want everyone smiling, staying clean, doing what is asked… and as a mom you have to make sure all this happens without losing it! Now throw in an extra camera, an interview, more people…that’s stress! But mom kept her cool, looked and sounded great in the interview AND photos.  I was impressed! Thanks to all of you for being part of this fun experience!


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Perfect Laughter

This session went about as perfectly as possible. The kids did everything I asked, helped pick spots for the photos, and allowed Mom and Dad to relax while we did our thing. They were so cute, telling me stories and sharing fun facts as we took the photos. Big brother told me everything I could ever need to know about trains, that kid knows locomotives! And little sister kept me entertained with her endless supply of different facial expressions. She was nothing but pure sweetness for me.  Dad was so FUNNY, I mean goofy funny that makes kids AND adults laugh hard. This got mom laughing. You know how some people have a huge, beautiful laugh that makes you smile, and even makes you laugh? A laugh that is just totally genuine and happy? Well, mom has a laugh like that and it made me smile over and over during that hour.  You have to love a couple who smiles and laughs together, after years of marriage and day to day stuff that gets so many people down. I loved being around your family, thanks for the laughs!

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Repeat Customers

I love when a family likes their photos enough to call me again! I feel so honored to be the person they trust to capture something so personal. And we all know how hard it is to gather the troops and find the time for family photos. I can’t tell you how many people tell me it’s been 3 or 5 years since they last did family photos.

Little Miss loves to get her photos taken, Little Man, not so much. We still got some great pics and Mom was happy. They picked a great location because the kids had plenty of space to run and play, something essential when you have a little guy who really doesn’t love a camera in his face. When they stopped by to pick up their DVD of the photos they brought a slushie for each of my kids, how awesome was that? Thanks again for another great session, feel free to keep calling and sending your friends :)

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I received a call from a previous client (thank you, I love repeat customers and referrals!) who asked me to do some senior photos for her younger sister. This BEAUTIFUL young lady was a little stiff at first (who isn’t when you throw a camera in their face?!) but once we got going she really loosened up and became the perfect subject. She kept saying that she is usually the one taking the pictures, not the other way around. My guess is that her friends don’t want her in the photos, she’d make them look bad :) I learned a lot about her and we had a good time a local park for a few hours. She is really easy going, fun, and loves her family. Her niece and nephew were along for the ride and let me tell you, those two LOVE their aunt! There were a ton of great shots of her, I had a hard time picking a few for the website. Best of luck as you begin a new journey, Tori!


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